Food Diary 2017

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Food Diary 2017

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:48 pm

My eating has done a complete 360% turn around.

I would skip breakfast completely and not eat anything until about 1pm in which case I would then stuff my face with crisps, chocolate and a cheese/pickle baguette along with a full fat coke and eat nothing for dinner or have any snacks. In the evening I would just drink tons of tea/coffee or have another sugary drink.

Now I am eating breakfast (only a yoghurt but I’m working on increasing this) have switched from full fat coke to Diet to Orange Juice with sparkling water and I’m eating a healthy lunch (Salad wrap or wholemeal bagel with salad) and eating fruit for a snack. I’m also getting home and cooking dinner which I never used to do. I would always skip dinner because I never felt hungry, now that I’ve been eating properly for a few weeks I seem to have my appetite back.

I need to eat more for breakfast and I do need to eat more snacks in the morning as I seem to keep leaving a few hours in between breakfast and lunch which is not good. I never seem to get hungry in the morning but I will try and wake up early and eat a full breakfast before heading to work. It will be hard but I have to do it.


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